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#-*- mode: sh; -*-
# startup file read in interactive login shells
# The following code helps us by optimizing the existing framework.
# This includes zcompile, zcompdump, etc.
# Function to determine the need of a zcompile. If the .zwc file
# does not exist, or the base file is newer, we need to compile.
# These jobs are asynchronous, and will not impact the interactive shell
zcompare() {
if [[ -s ${1} && ( ! -s ${1}.zwc || ${1} -nt ${1}.zwc) ]]; then
zcompile ${1}
# zcompile the completion cache; siginificant speedup.
zcompare ${ZDOTDIR:-${HOME}}/.zcompdump
# zcompile .zshrc
zcompare ${ZDOTDIR:-${HOME}}/.zshrc
# zcompile some light module init scripts
zcompare ${zim_mods}/git/init.zsh
zcompare ${zim_mods}/utility/init.zsh
zcompare ${zim_mods}/pacman/init.zsh
zcompare ${zim_mods}/spectrum/init.zsh
zcompare ${zim_mods}/completion/init.zsh
# zcompile all .zsh files in the custom module
for file in ${zim_mods}/custom/**/*.zsh; do
zcompare ${file}
# syntax-highlighting
for file in ${zim_mods}/syntax-highlighting/external/highlighters/**/*.zsh; do
zcompare ${file}
zcompare ${zim_mods}/syntax-highlighting/external/zsh-syntax-highlighting.zsh
# zsh-histery-substring-search
zcompare ${zim_mods}/history-substring-search/external/zsh-history-substring-search.zsh
) &!