Slightly improve argument format for borg aliases

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Adam Goldsmith 2019-09-15 00:07:37 -04:00
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commit b75fe78ac7
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@ -3,12 +3,12 @@
borgArgs="--compression auto,lzma \
--progress --stats \
--exclude-caches \
--exclude-from ~/Documents/backuplist.txt"
--progress --stats \
--exclude-caches \
--exclude-from ~/Documents/backuplist.txt"
backupTargets="/home/adam/ /etc/"
alias borg-backup="sudo borg create /run/media/adam/Backup/borg-backups::$backupName $backupTargets $borgArgs"
alias borg-backup-home="sudo BORG_RSH='sudo -u adam ssh' borg create thewarehouse:borg-backups::$backupName $backupTargets $borgArgs --files-cache=ctime,size --remote-path /usr/local/bin/borg"
alias borg-backup-home="sudo borg --rsh 'sudo -u adam ssh' create thewarehouse:borg-backups::$backupName $backupTargets $borgArgs --files-cache=ctime,size --remote-path /usr/local/bin/borg"
unset backupName borgArgs backupTargets