Add some more systemctl aliases

Adam Goldsmith 2022-02-12 23:24:19 -05:00
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commit 89f4cb0fef
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@ -1,14 +1,18 @@
#-*- mode: sh; -*-
alias sy="systemctl"
alias sydr="sy daemon-reload"
alias sye="sy enable"
alias syd="sy disable"
alias syre="sy restart"
alias systa="sy start"
alias systo="sy stop"
alias systat="sy status"
alias ssy="sudo systemctl"
alias ssydr="ssy daemon-reload"
alias ssye="ssy enable"
alias ssyd="ssy disable"
alias ssyre="ssy restart"
alias ssysta="ssy start"
alias ssysto="ssy stop"
alias ssystat="ssy status"