Switch AUR helper from yay to paru for pacman aliases

It's new and exciting! I will definitely not regret this change later!
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Adam Goldsmith 2020-11-02 01:46:47 -05:00
parent 52c1171151
commit 48f8e3c6d3

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@ -1,10 +1,10 @@
# pacman
alias pi='yay'
alias pi='paru'
alias pup='pi -Syu'
alias pr='pi -Rs'
alias prc='pr -c'
alias pin='pi --noconfirm'
alias pis='pi -S'
alias pins='pin -S'
alias piro='pi -Yc'
alias piro='pi -Qtdq | pi -Rns -'
alias up='pup'