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This is the handout directory for the CS:APP Cache Lab.
6 years ago
Running the autograders:
Before running the autograders, compile your code:
linux> make
Check the correctness of your simulator:
linux> ./test-csim
Check the correctness and performance of your transpose functions:
linux> ./test-trans -M 32 -N 32
linux> ./test-trans -M 64 -N 64
linux> ./test-trans -M 61 -N 67
Check everything at once (this is the program that your instructorruns):
linux> ./
6 years ago
# You will modifying and handing in these two files
csim.c Your cache simulator
trans.c Your transpose function
# Tools for evaluating your simulator and transpose function
Makefile Builds the simulator and tools
README This file* The driver program, runs test-csim and test-trans
cachelab.c Required helper functions
cachelab.h Required header file
csim-ref* The executable reference cache simulator
test-csim* Tests your cache simulator
test-trans.c Tests your transpose function
tracegen.c Helper program used by test-trans
traces/ Trace files used by test-csim.c