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Title: Break, and things since. Date: 2014-11-04 22:17 Author: adam Category: Uncategorized Tags: leap, programming, rift, sailing Slug: break Status: published

There was a break a week ago, and I stopped updating for a bit. So here are some new things:


  • We got a Leap Motion, which is pretty cool. It is like a Kinect, but built specifically for measuring hands, meaning it is much more accurate. We plan to integrate this into some Rift stuff later
  • I started learning OpenGL! I haven't done anything interesting yet, though I do have some integration with the Leap SDK. I will post a link to the repository at some point
  • ARChon (running android apps in chrome on x86) suddenly started working! Hopefully I can find some useful apps that will work nicely on my Surface Pro
  • I switched to XFCE-panel instead of mate-panel. It is a little more glitchy, but I like the config better, and more people seem to develop for it.


  • Sailing is finally over (as of either today or tomorrow), meaning robotics starts soon!
  • I got first in our home regatta (vs Brewster), and last in our away regatta (at Brewster). I blame the change in crew, as I was with the one whom I had sailed with a lot for the home one, but with someone I rarely sailed with for the away one. (But really, I was probably just less enthusiastic for the second one.)


  • Astronomy Club went on a field trip to Harvard yesterday! I will probably write more about this later.
  • I brought my Othermill back to school with me, and have it set up in the woodshop. I will probably make some cool stuff and post the pictures at some point.
  • On a related note, Mr. Cox (my CS teacher) told me that we (some other students, him, and me) are planning to build a larger CNC mill for robotics. That should also be pretty cool.
  • At home, we got furniture (tables and cabinets) for the basement electronics area, and build most of the big stuff. I will probably put up a picture once I get back home and all the drawers/shelves are assembled and installed.